Accounting firms come in all sizes.
At GBB & Company, LLP, we like to say we’re “right-sized.” We’re large enough to offer your business or organization comprehensive accounting and tax preparation services that will help you grow your business and meet your financial goals. We’re also small enough that you’ll always receive hands-on, active involvement from our partners and staff CPAs.

We’re right-sized for a reason. While working with a large regional accounting firm, GBB’s founding partners realized we could bring far more value to each client through closer relationships. We built GBB & Company to be the right size to give you the added value of open access and deep business expertise.

Accounting and Tax Services – That’s It.
A tax form, pencil, and calculator close up. Selective focus on "1040."

GBB & Company focuses on traditional accounting and tax services, and advice. We don’t sell insurance. We won’t do your IT consulting, and we won’t sell you investments. We provide timely and accurate accounting, tax and auditing.

After all, what you need most is accurate financial information delivered on time.

Close, Long-term Relationships

Accounting and tax issues are complex but relationships don’t have to be. GBB & Company is an accounting firm that doesn’t stand on ceremony. We’re family and we treat our clients the same – that’s why our client retention rate is so high.

We’ve developed close relationships with our clients, allowing us to advise them on not only what they ask for but also to anticipate their needs and provide advice on the things they haven’t thought to ask. We believe that communication is key to all of our successful relationships.

We analyze and match your specific needs with the right CPA and the appropriate level of experience, ensuring that your work is handled in the most economical manner for you. Some work may be handled by our staff, while more technically complicated work is performed by senior team members with deep expertise in the topic. All client work is always closely overseen by our partners.

Our partners and staff accountants at GBB & Company are always available to meet with you on an as-needed basis to discuss your business operations and any accounting or other business matters that may arise.

At GBB & Company, we offer you expertise and recommendations gained from years of experience and relationships with dozens of similar clients. In addition to making sure that your organization is in compliance with rules and regulations, we are always thinking of ways to improve internal controls, increase operational efficiencies, and ensure that financial information is provided in the most useful and understandable manner for your management.

On Time, Dependable & Knowledgeable
If you ask our clients about GBB & Company, LLP, you’ll hear words like, “Timely,” “Dependable,” “They know what they’re doing,” “Efficient” and “Trustworthy.” While those aren’t the most exciting words in a recommendation, they are the exact words you want to hear when looking for an accounting and tax firm.

We know that competence and staying up-to-date on the latest changes in tax laws are a given when you’re looking for a CPA firm. What you really need are accountants and bookkeepers who complete everything you need on time, every time – whether a tax filing, an audit or a monthly financial statement.

At GBB & Company, we get things done on time and you always have access to partner-level service. You call, we pick up, and you can concentrate on your business. We’ll take care of everything else – from the accounting and payroll to your taxes.

Our Staff
At GBB & Company, LLP, our three partners (with more than 75 years of experience combined) lead our team of senior CPAs, staff accountants and bookkeeping staff in our Lehigh Valley and New Holland, PA locations.

The Partners

Robert E. Blizard, Jr., CPA
A partner at GBB & Company, LLP since its founding in 2004, Rob holds a Master of Science degree in accounting from East Carolina University. He also holds a B.S. degree in accounting from Penn State University. His Pennsylvania CPA license is reciprocal to other states.

Rob serves as GBB’s Director of Small Business Services. With more than a quarter century of experience, he provides accounting and tax services for clients in a variety of industries – including professional trade associations, manufacturing, construction, medical practices and professional services.
Phone: 484-223-0096

Todd C. Newcomer, CPA, CFE
A GBB partner since 2014, Todd is a graduate of Gardner-Webb University with a Master of Science degree in accounting and holds a a B.S. degree from Lock Haven University. His Pennsylvania CPA license is reciprocal to other states.

Todd serves as GBB’s Audit and Assurance Director. With a decade and a half of professional experience, he provides accounting and tax services to our medical practice, retail and non-profit clients. Todd is also responsible for planning and completing the firm’s major audits. He is also a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
Phone: 484-223-0096

Diana L. Arndt, CPA
Diana Arndt holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration – accounting from Kutztown University with over 10 year of professional experience. Diana has been with GBB since 2015.

Diana serves as GBB’s Tax Director, manages personnel and conducts employee training. He experience allows her to service a wide variety of business and individual clients. Much of her time is spent on complex tax returns providing clients with income, estate and retirement planning solutions.

Our Managers

Jeffrey B. Ehrets, CPA
Jeff Ehrets, one of GBB’s senior managers, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Bloomsburg University. His Pennsylvania CPA license is reciprocal in other states. With 13 years of experience, Jeff serves large corporate and non-profit clients for GBB. He also plans and supervises major audit engagements, including single audit/yellowbook and employee benefit plans. The majority of Jeff’s professional experience is in the areas of auditing and financial reporting.  Jeff has a diverse background and he also provides services to the firm’s small business and tax clients.

Bookkeeping Managers

Marcie Purinton (Lehigh Valley)

Marcie Purinton brings more than 22 years of payroll, bookkeeping and client relations expertise to the firm. As the head of our payroll and bookkeeping departments, she works one on one with clients to manage their accounting needs by establishing and implementing controls systems. Additionally, she handles and oversees the payroll processing functions for a vast majority of our clientele.


Margarita Cornejo Jimenez (Berks County)


GBB’s Memberships

GBB & Company, LLP is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Division for Firms and Private Companies Practices Sections. As a member of this organization, we are required to document and demonstrate that our firm strictly complies with the professional ethics and quality control standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Every three years, a panel of outside accountants reviews the firm’s practices, policies and procedures to determine our compliance with these standards. This organization also requires each partner and professional employee to complete a minimum of eighty hours of continuing professional education every two years. In addition to the AICPA, GBB is a member of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA). All of our professional staff are also members of these two organizations.

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