Business Services

Financial services to meet your business goals.

Financial Coaching

We’re dedicated to helping all businesses meet their financial goals and plan for the future. With financial coaching, we provide the tools your business needs for success.

  • Analyze your present status
  • Set achievable goals for the future
  • Implement processes to save time and money
  • Meet goals and grow your business

IRS Representation For Businesses

Our tax experts are up-to-date on the most recent tax laws and changes so that we can provide the most effective IRS representation for your your business. We’ll communicate directly with the IRS to ensure an advantageous outcome if a tax problem arises.


  • IRS letter or audit notice response
  • Preparing for and navigating an IRS audit
  • Filing back taxes and returns
  • Payroll tax issues
  • IRS liens, levies, and seizures

    Tax Services For Businesses

    We serve all size businesses in tax planning and preparation. As experts in the constantly changing tax laws and regulations, we are committed to providing the optimal tax situation for profitability and compliance. Our tax services reduce confusion and frustration and efficiently and accurately file your business taxes.

    • Sole proprietorships
    • Corporations
    • Partnerships
    • LLCs/LLPs
    • Not-for-profit organizations

      Corporate Tax Preparation

      We provide expert tax preparation under the unique conditions and regulations for Corporation, S-Corporation (1120 and 1120S), and Partnership (1065) businesses. Our focus is meeting all requirements necessary for compliance, while seeking the most financially advantageous tax preparation for companies in a wide variety of industries and verticals.

      • Tax planning and projections throughout the year
      • End of year tax minimizing strategies
      • Employee benefit package planning and setup
      • Review of fixed asset records to minimize state and local property taxes
      • Multi-state tax preparation

        Entity Selection

        Business entity selection has a large impact on your taxes and other liabilities. Choosing the right company structure is crucial in planning for the successful operation of any business. We’ll advise you on the best entity for your individual circumstances and goals, setting you up for success and forming a lasting partnership with clients for all stages of business.

        • Financing
        • Choosing the correct entity structure
        • Attorney relationships assist with the formation and organization of an entity, including corporation, LLCs, partnerships, limited partnerships, and others

          Employee Benefits, Pension
          & Profit-Sharing Plans

          Constantly shifting rules and regulations can make administering employee benefit plans a complex and challenging task. Our expert referrals work diligently to stay up-to-date on the current regulatory and fiduciary concerns to plan and administer the most advantageous benefits packages and profit-sharing plans for your employees and the business as a whole.

          • Defined benefit plans
          • Defined contribution pension plans
          • Health and welfare benefit plans
          • 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans
          • Profit sharing plans


          Our training in tax law and accounting practices means we can fully manage payroll for your business. Our flexible payroll services are designed to meet your individual needs and free up your time to run your business.

          • Accurate payroll calculations
          • Payroll processing
          • Check printing and direct deposit
          • Payroll tax deposit
          • Tax returns preparation

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