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Serving any size business in a variety of industries.


Because we understand the construction industry, we can help you minimize the time devoted to  accounting and give you more time to build your business and the world. We perform oversight of relevant tax rules, laws, and regulations to minimize your tax burden.

  • Business license tax and related tax filings
  • Form 1099 filing
  • Industry-specific tax and license filing
  • Personal property schedules
  • Sales and use tax



Engineers play an integral role in the built environment that we all live in. Along with that comes industry specific financial and accounting requirements. We’re here to provide your business with the foundation for financial success while you construct the foundations and infrastructure of the world around us. 

  • Industry benchmarking and financial analysis
  • Tax and financial compliance maintenance
  • Compensation and bonus analysis
  • Operational/internal control reviews


Accurate and effective legal accounting is critical to your firm’s success. To ensure your firm’s financial statements are accurate, complete, and up-to-date, our experts employ comprehensive financial and accounting services to meet the unique requirements of the legal industry.

  • Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA)
  • Trust accounting
  • Preparing financial statements and other reporting tools
  • Planning for tax liabilities
  • Tax preparation

    Health and Human Services

    As health and human services financial regulations and compliance requirements continue to transform, so should your financial strategies. We assist overcoming challenges related to regulation, reimbursement, technology, and competition in the health and human services verticals.

    • Payment model reform
    • Reimbursement review
    • Operational policy reviews
    • Coding and compliance


      Because of the importance of inventory management and valuation, accounting for the manufacturing industry has unique challenges. Our detail-oriented experts are committed to accurate and timely accounting and financial process to keep your business operating smoothly.

      • Direct cost assignment

      • Overhead cost assignment

      • Industry specific tax preparation
      • Tax and financial compliance
      • Cost of goods sold recognition


      Medical providers encounter unique financial circumstances while running a business and paying taxes. Our experts are well-versed in business accounting services as they apply to doctors, hospitals, nursing and medical practices. We handle the finances so that you can take care of your patients.

      • Billing support
      • Developing financial controls
      • Management reporting
      • Operational policy reviews


          Working in the non-profit space is often a labor of love. We provide accounting and financial services so that you can concentrate on your mission. From compiling expense reports and crafting complex budgets to strategizing cash flow control, our accountants are here to help your non-profit maintain financial control, enabling organizational growth.

          • Accurate financial records
          • Audit services
          • Grant reporting
          • Tracking of restricted contributions
          • Consulting

            Real Estate

            The real estate industry is defined by rapid growth and constant change, generating  new challenges and often, great rewards. Our real estate accounting services are designed to reduce your operating expenses, strengthen cash flow, and increase your profitability throughout inevitable market variations.

            • Multifamily, commercial, industrial, and affordable housing owners, developers, syndicators, lenders and investors
            • Institutional owners and lenders
            • Property management companies and brokers.
            • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
            • Cooperatives and condominiums


              As a retailer, you must measure and monitor almost every aspect of your performance in order to achieve topline growth and protect margins. Our experts work closely with retail clients to develop a true understanding of how your business operates so we can provide you with the best financial information and data for business success.

              • Profitability analysis, including evaluation of store footprint, inventory, supply chains, business processes, and labor
              • Financial forecasts and projections
              • Integration with owners’ and/or executives’ personal tax situations

                Trade Associations 

                Accounting for trade association involves a deep understanding of the regulations and requirements of the industry. We can assist your organization with financial reporting that meets complex accounting standards and update you on impending legislation and the impact it may have on your individual organization.

                • Financial and profit planning
                • Cash and cash flow management
                • Budget preparation
                • Revenue projections
                • Fraud prevention measures
                • Tax-exempt status

                Wholesale and Distributors

                Running a business in the wholesale and distribution industry means keeping tracking your cash flow and inventory for profitability and growth. Our experts will help you gain insight into the relationships between your inventory, margins, and cash flow, as well as mange the overall financial health of your company.

                • Audits, reviews, and compilations
                • Budgeting/forecasting
                • Federal and state tax credits
                • State and local tax compliance
                • Business valuations

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